Facility Condition and Building Condition Assessments

Our FCA/BCA experience is distinguished by the additional quantitative, cost-based condition assessments that facilitate proactive asset management strategies to support long-range facility master and bond planning for our clients. We help owners make informed decisions on asset management and preservation, leading to cost savings. We also offer Facilities Advisory Committee facilitation services to help school districts engage the public and pass school bonds and levies in support of our FCA work.

Get Started:

Offices: We provide building and facility condition assessment services across the country from our four offices in Seattle and Bremerton, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Tempe, Arizona.

Scope of Work: We manage and facilitate other FCA multi-disciplines services, including architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, cost, and construction professionals, which builds upon the expertise of our in-house professional staff. Our building optimization field work reviews equipment and facility components, helping owners decide with maintenance improvements and systems replacement options.

Process: Our FCAs are conducted for site infrastructure systems and facility systems on a building-by-building basis, including central plants for HVAC and distribution, when appropriate. We tailor each FCA to the owner’s requirement, schedule, and budget, encouraging client staff resources in the process. Our team members are BCA Certified by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and conduct the qualitative BCA field work in support of Chapter 1 of the Study and Survey and/or annual Asset Preservation Program reporting requirements.