Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an enabler. It aids in sustainability, higher quality, faster construction, and cost savings, making your business more competitive.

Technology systems integration is a standard part of the design process for modern spaces. Our highly skilled team includes RCDD-certified personnel who understands technology’s critical role in building design, safety, management, and maintenance. Advances in ICT have allowed for cost savings, opportunities, and conveniences ranging from work location flexibility and highly automated business processes to advanced data mining, where organizations use data generated by ICT as insights that drive new products and services, to ICT-enabled transactions such as internet shopping and telemedicine, providing customers more choices in how they work, shop, communicate, and interact. We utilize technology to enhance safety through IT infrastructure and provide a secure environment with tools including secure access control, panic alarms, CCTV, and intrusion detection.

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Our services include:

Säzän Group utilizes 3-dimensional building models and software to assist owners with a visual representation of what they can expect after the project is completed. We incorporate audiovisual, IT, telecom, building security, operational technology, and intelligent building systems into projects to support our clients by protecting their assets.

Planning and Benchmarking

Infrastructure Design

Systems Design including A/V and WiFi


Security System Auditing

Access Control Systems

Theft Detection Systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Video Surveillance Systems