Lighting Design

Successful lighting design requires the careful balance of art and science, integrating seamlessly with architecture to enhance the experience of those occupying the space.

Säzän Group’s Lighting Design Department works with light as an artistic medium and tool, using light and shadow to reveal texture, aid in wayfinding, captivate attention, and provide moments of calm. Designs are customized to the space and programmatic needs—optimizing lighting uniformity at task surfaces, integrating lighting into architectural details for a soft glow in just the right color of light, or simply creating a space people want to spend time in. The lighting design process kicks off with conversations and design charettes aligning with the architectural team/owner on experiential goals for the space and end users. We explore design options to satisfy these goals while leveraging experiences on an array of other projects and project types. Our designers skillfully balance the design vision with energy efficiency, budget, installation, and maintenance constraints.

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Our services include:

We understand the connections that exist between light and spaces that feel good, artfully blending daylight with electric light. We are supportive and skilled collaborators on design teams with a mission to gracefully illuminate interior and exterior spaces.

Our services are tailored specifically to your project requirements. These cover the full array of project needs from design charrettes and conceptual development of unique custom spaces and experiences to more rudimentary documentation and photometric evaluations relative to code requirements.

Architectural Lighting Design

-Full Lighting Design creation inclusive of decorative, layouts, and architectural detail
-Design Charrettes, Conceptual Design, Developing design options and wayfinding opportunities for
unique/custom projects and spaces.

Architectural Lighting Design Peer Review

– Peer Review of lighting design layouts and fixture selections.
– Photometric evaluation of proposed designs.
– Peer Review and guidance on architectural lighting details.

Lighting Documentation Services

– Lighting design documentation for permit submission.
– Photometric review for code requirements.

Lighting Controls Design

– Daylight harvesting for code and beyond on more environmentally conscious projects.
– Color tuning and spaces using warm dim technology.
– DMX for spaces with color changing and more advanced project goals.
– Manipulating layers of light to create different ambiance modes maximizing space functionality.
– Spaces with local control, networked control and combinations of both as needed to meet project budgets.


Lighting program for calculating illumination, performing lighting energy studies, and generating 3D renderings.