Electrical Systems

Modern electrical systems designs involve implementing advanced technologies to create efficient and reliable electrical systems.

Säzän Group’s electrical solutions are engineered to fulfill the client’s electrical system needs for any project size or complexity. Staying abreast of industry trends informs us about advancements in renewable energy sources, energy storage systems, and smart grid technologies, which we evaluate to ensure that the design incorporates proven components and technologies. Our electrical design process is tailored to each project. We begin with a thorough project requirements analysis, system modeling, and component selections. Our team brings in-depth practical experience to designing and implementing energy-efficient building systems that include monitoring and controls for optimizing energy consumption to ensure that energy performance standards are met.

Interior office, electrical, lighting, daylighting

Säzän Group offers a full range of electrical design and engineering services:

We listen and collaborate with owners, architects, and facility staff to deliver an integrated design that unites aesthetics and function. Additional services include our lighting design department and a dedicated technology team for information and communication technology (ICT) needs.

Facility Power Distribution

Energy-efficient Lighting and Controls Design

Daylight Design and Modeling

Computer Modeling and Analysis of Electrical Systems including Short Circuit, Arc Flash, and Selective Coordination Studies

Photovoltaic Systems, Renewable Energy, and Energy Storage Systems

Emergency Power Generation and Distribution

Microgrid and Distributed Energy Resource Engineering and Consulting