Säzän Group brings innovative, outcome-based sustainable solutions to you. We can help you effectively balance a focus on improving people and the planet with your other mission-driven priorities and business realities by delivering outstanding high-performance design strategies and sustainability consulting services.

Underlining our sustainability practice is a deep commitment to delivering solutions that measurably reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment. As designers and engineers, we provide industry leadership by actively advocating for net zero carbon on projects, considering both operational carbon and embodied carbon. We offer data-driven and analytic modeling to improve the indoor environment for healthy and more productive building occupants.

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Säzän Group's sustainability services include:

Säzän Group can help your organization evaluate both broad and specific sustainability issues. We produce everything from portfolio-level plans for becoming truly net zero to targeted strategies for an existing or new building project to enable compliance with green building standards, regulatory requirements, or to help equitably build organizational resilience.

Clean Energy Solutions

The clean energy industry requires comprehensive solutions to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy resilience. Säzän leads with clean energy solutions, including technical feasibility studies for renewable energy systems, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and microgrids for energy resilience. Our high-performance integrated design approach supports projects from the concept phase, including development assistance and performance optimization.


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Green Building Certification Rating System Consulting

Säzän Group provides design guidance, technical assistance, project management, and documentation support for various green building certification rating systems, navigating the complex requirements of the Living Building Challenge, LEED certification, Passive House, Fitwell, and other protocols. We provide tools, certification management software, and sophisticated facilitation skills to identify green building choices that align with a client’s objectives and mission.

Living Building Challenge Consulting

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is a certification program and design framework that inspires the world’s highest-performing buildings, emphasizing optimal energy and water use, occupant health and wellness, and materials toxicity avoidance. This best-in-class, performance-based approach results in better buildings, industry and media attention, and public interest. The City of Seattle incentivizes the development of Living Buildings via height and density bonuses.

We offer feasibility studies, charrette facilitation, design reviews, and certification guidance for Living Building projects. From concept through construction, successful certification, and into occupancy, Säzän Group will guide you through the certification path that best fits your context and budget. Leverage our over ten years of collective LBC project and program management experience to optimize and differentiate your building. Reach out to learn if the LBC is right for your project.

Net Zero Energy / Net Zero Carbon Consulting

Säzän Group is an international leader, trusted advisor, and technical expert on operational net zero services and engineering solutions for clients and partners worldwide. Our team has experience in net zero policy development, system design, and equipment specifications that are grounded in the best practices for cost-effective project delivery. In addition, we provide performance verification and optimization support for system expansion, alternative funding strategies, and compliance with various grant programs, policies, or certification protocols. Our Net Zero roadmap covers all project types, including energy and operational carbon emissions performance modeling, life cycle total carbon emissions assessment, system design, and renewable energy and battery storage design services.

High Building Performance Analysis

Using data-driven and analytic computational models, we make recommendations that enable clients to make decisions and ultimately realize the best solutions for their unique building needs, whether for new construction projects or existing building retrofits and modernizations. We recognize clients are seeking higher performance outcomes for both their buildings and building occupants, and our tool-kit of services support both of these.

Among our capabilities we provide:
Energy Modeling, Energy Code Compliance Consulting, Building Envelope Optimization, Embodied Carbon Estimating, Energy and Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Thermal Comfort Analysis
Daylighting Analysis, Natural Ventilation/Passive Cooling Design, Existing Building Energy Analysis and Energy Audits, Water Cycle Analysis and Water Reclamation/Reuse Optimization Studies, Measurement and Verification, Energy and Water Systems Master Planning, and Decarbonization Feasibility Studies