Säzän’s analytical consulting is guided by our technical expertise as engineers to understand how facilities perform. We bring this knowledge to our clients and help them achieve high-performing buildings. Our services include:

  • Engineering, design, and construction administration
  • Sustainable design (Säzän is a member of the US Green Building Council)
  • Full BIM capability through Revit MEP
  • Commissioning, retro-commissioning, and enhanced commissioning
  • Test-Adjust-Balance (TAB) field services
  • Value analysis and value engineering
  • Constructability review and peer review
  • Energy audits and modeling
  • Life Cycle Cost Analyses
  • Resource conservation management
  • Auditing and post-occupancy evaluations

Mechanical Engineering

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning design (HVAC)
  • Controls (pneumatic, DDC, and PLC)
  • Chiller and boiler plants
  • Plumbing and piping
  • Indoor air quality
  • Kitchen exhaust hoods and ductwork
  • Laboratory gas and fume hoods
  • Domestic water service and distribution
  • Fire protection
  • Generator fuel supply

Electrical Engineering

  • Medium and low voltage transmission and distribution
  • Emergency power and uninterruptible power
  • Fire alarm
  • Mass notification/annunciation systems
  • Lighting design and lighting controls
  • Data and telecommunication systems
  • Technology consulting
  • Security systems

Commissioning and TAB Services

  • Develop commissioning plan, incorporating Owner Project Requirements (OPR) and Basis of Design (BOD) documents
  • Prepare Pre-functional checklists and Functional Performance Test (FPT)
  • Develop building Commissioning Manual
  • Review submittals systems to be commissioned
  • Perform representative sampling/testing
  • Observe building systems and equipment start-up
  • Observe Test and Balance (TAB) and review full TAB report
  • Track and document non-conformance issues
  • Prepare final Commissioning Report
  • Conduct one-year post-occupancy evaluation of systems performance
  • Prepare an on-going commissioning plan that includes post-occupancy issues
  • Perform baseline air monitoring and reporting
  • Provide adjusting and balancing documentation for existing and new systems
  • Produce Test-Adjust-Balance (TAB) reports for Owners, contractors, and consultants


Olympia, WA

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David Barton gym

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Renton, WA