Clean Energy Solutions

We are your clean energy experts, from feasibility to commissioning, to optimize performance, reduce cost, minimize environmental impact, risk, and strengthen resilience.

1.2 MW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Array for Veterans Affairs in White City, Oregon

The clean energy industry requires broad solutions to reduce carbon emissions, and improve energy resilience. Unique situations require unique solutions, and when it comes to clean energy considerations may include: Solar Photovoltaics, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Microgrid Systems, Wind Power Generation, Pumped-Storage Hydroelectricity, Geothermal Energy, and Wave Energy.

Strategic Energy Plan Development Framework from Department of Energy

Säzän leads with clean energy solutions including technical feasibility studies for renewable energy systems, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and microgrids for energy resilience. Our high-performance integrated design approach supports projects at the concept phase, including development assistance and performance optimization.

Säzän’s clean energy experience centers on technical and strategic advisory support for our projects, including:

Hopeworks Station Zero Net Energy Project in Everett, Washington
  • Spokane Indian Housing Authority Microgrid Feasibility Study
  • Quinault Indian Nation Microgrid Feasibility Study
  • Cascade Water Alliance Solar Feasibility Study
  • Seattle Public Schools Zero Net Energy Performance and Geothermal – Value Engineering Studies
    • Rainier Beach High School: solar PV, battery energy storage capacity analysis, energy monitoring options; geothermal well field configuration and performance analysis
    • Northgate Elementary School: solar PV, battery energy storage, and microgrid system options; recommended reconfiguration of geothermal well fields to align with phased construction for occupied school site.
  • Tacoma Public Schools Healthy Buildings & Zero Carbon Performance Evaluation Framework
  • Hopeworks Station II Zero Net Energy Consulting Services & Utility Incentive Program Facilitation
  • Port of Seattle Sustainability & Audit IDIQ

As new requirements, policies, and mandates accelerate the clean energy transformation, Säzän continues to deliver flexible, reliable and responsive services for our clients and partners.

Washington state new Clean Buildings Act includes new requirements for buildings over 50,000 square feet to achieve Energy Use Intensity (EUIt) targets, unlocking utility incentives for efficiency upgrades. Team Säzän’s engineering consultants, commissioning agents and qualified energy analysts bring deep knowledge and experience in delivering both Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) and renewable energy projects.

Säzän Clean Buildings Act (HB1257) Compliance

  • Energy Benchmarking & ASHRAE Level II Audits
  • Technical Assistance for Early Adopter Incentives
  • Energy Strategy, Management & Building Improvement Plans

We look forward to working with you on your next project! Please contact us to learn more about our recent projects, and opportunities for our team to provide support: