Celebrating Community Impact: Washington State Department of Commerce Awards Grants for Clean Energy Projects

June 2024

"Many of these groups had little or no experience with applying for these type of grants or conducting the kinds of engineering and technical feasibility studies necessary. That’s where Commerce’s technical assistance came in. Commerce contracted with Cascadia Renewables and Säzän Group to provide experts to consult with communities and complete feasibility studies to get project proposals ready to successfully apply for funding."

Washington State Department of Commerce's News Release

We are thrilled to announce some remarkable achievements in our efforts to foster sustainability and resilience within communities across Washington State. Recently, through our grant writing work, several of our valued clients have been awarded substantial grants from the Washington State Department of Commerce, totaling $3.6 million for innovative clean energy projects.


  • Community Services of Moses Lake (CSML) has been awarded $1.3 million to fund the construction of microgrids. These microgrids will not only enhance the food security efforts of the CSML foodbank but also bolster the resilience of St. Michael’s Episcopal Mission, providing a vital refuge during natural disasters.


  • St. Michael’s Episcopal Mission has been granted $626,100 to develop its own microgrid, ensuring greater community resilience and sustainability in the face of environmental challenges.


  • Toppenish School District (TSD) has secured a $1.7 million grant to construct a microgrid at Valley View Elementary School. This project will not only reduce energy costs but also align with Washington State’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


These grants are provided through the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Technical Assistance Program and the subsequent awards noted above were all made possible by a coordinated effort through Säzän Group, Spark Northwest, and MZ Solar Consulting. We extend our appreciation and congratulations to all involved, and we recognize the exceptional efforts of our team including Tom Bowen and Jack Newman for their instrumental roles in securing these grants.


These awards are part of a broader initiative by the Washington State Department of Commerce, which has allocated a total of $72.6 million across 71 grants for community clean energy projects statewide. Our services support the Technical Assistance Program at no cost to these communities. This significant investment underscores our collective commitment to advancing sustainability and resilience within our communities.


For more information and to view the full list of grant recipients, please visit the Washington State Department of Commerce’s news release HERE.


At Säzän Group, we are proud to contribute to these impactful projects, which address immediate community needs and pave the way for a more sustainable future. We look forward to continuing our efforts to support and empower communities through innovative clean energy solutions. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact Jack Newman (jnewman@sazan.com).