Value Analysis and Value Engineering Studies

Säzän Environmental Services provides value studies to help our clients achieve the greatest performance relative to the investment. Our independent, third-party studies confirm the program function requirements are being met; help improve project quality, performance, and sustainability; and reduce initial and life cycle costs. We facilitate studies in accordance with the SAVE International six-step job plan by a Certified Value Specialist (CVS). We also have Value Methodology Associates on staff to assist with our studies.

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Offices: We provide building optimization services across the country from our four offices in Seattle and Bremerton, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Tempe, Arizona.

Scope of Work: Our value studies are conducted early in the schematic design phase to review the architectural and engineering basis-of-design to help owners with building optimization. We provide facilitation services with a multi-discipline team to produce alternative solutions and cost estimates. Our solutions help with concept development, cost avoidance, and cost savings to help owners understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) when planning their facilities. Our goal is to help bring high-performance buildings to all communities.

Process: Our preconstruction consulting studies are conducted in accordance with Washington State Administrative Codes (WAC) 392-343-080 and 392-344-065. Depending on the project, we facilitate a single-phase value engineering study or a two-phase value analysis and value engineering study. We follow the SAVE International six-step job plan that includes the information phase, functional analysis phase, creative speculation phase, evaluation phase, development phase, and presentation phase.