Clackamas Fire District #1 Fleet and Logistics

Fire trucks in garage
Clackamas Fire District #1 Fleet and Logistics
Fire trucks in garage
Clackamas, OR
20,400 SF
Clackamas Fire District 1
Rice Fergus Miller
Electrical Systems
Mechanical Systems
Plumbing and Piping Systems

Clackamas County Fire District #1 has grown to cover more than 200 square miles, making it one of the largest fire protection districts in Oregon. Since forming in 1976, the district has merged with other fire districts and cities to provide fire protection, prevention, and emergency medical services to an expanding community network. With this steady growth, disconnects in daily operations and an inability to accommodate an increasing inventory were becoming a problem.

The new Fleet and Logistics facility helps realize the fire district’s goal to bring calm to chaos with a building that doubles previously available space. Five deep maintenance bays allow all vehicle repairs to be performed indoors, gear and supply storage are consolidated, and administrative and support offices come together under one roof. The mostly open structure is designed to offer flexibility for future uses.

A major challenge of the project was deciding what systems and equipment could be repurposed from other sites and what would need to be completely replaced. Our team worked closely with fire department staff to determine the best solutions. New designs included a complete fluid piping system, fuel storage ventilation, a tailpipe exhaust containment system coordinated around HVLS fans, and an interior crane system.