Michelle Charest

Female person with glasses in a green shirt and dark jacket on a dark background

Michelle Charest


Human Resources Manager

Main office location Seattle, WA

Year started in industry 2021

Year started at Säzän 2021

Michelle provides Human Resources (HR) leadership for Säzän Group. She aligns business strategy with people capabilities and leads strategic workforce initiatives to drive company goals.

Michelle has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, emphasizing Neuroscience. She started her biotech career and realized she wanted to center her work around her insatiable curiosity about people. This brought her first to the medical field and then on to education. While managing a school, she discovered her passion for HR, where her intuition and strong interpersonal skills shine.

Michelle joined Säzän in 2021 with a growth mindset and a goal to build upon a foundation of a positive organizational culture. She has been integral in sustaining continuous improvement practices. She is a valuable asset to the company, partly because of her successful efforts in growing our talented workforce by 10% in 2022.

Mountains, coast, or desert?
Mountains for skiing, mountain biking, and the beauty of it all.
What would your superpower be?
Flying for sure because I would enjoy the perspective
Drink of choice?
Cats, dogs, or other?
Cats because you have to work for the relationship
Title your autobiography.
I am not your babysitter, an HR rep’s story.
Dream vacation?
Bike tour through the south of France for the scenery, exercise, and the wine.