Karim Dilawar

Male person wearing glasses in dark jacket, white shirt on a dark background

Karim Dilawar

Assistant Controller

Main office location Seattle, WA

Year started in industry 2015

Year started at Säzän 2021

Karim loves to problem solve and is inspired by the exploratory side of accounting—gathering information and connecting all the pieces to resolve an issue. As a Project Accounting Coordinator, Karim makes it easier for our teams to work efficiently. With previous experience working for architecture and construction firms, he has a well-rounded understanding of the AEC industry and helps our accounting group set up projects for success.

Karim is currently working toward his certified public accountant (CPA) license. When he is not busy studying or reconciling discrepancies, he researches opportunities on the stock market and educates friends and family on suitable investments.

Dream job (if you weren’t working here!)?
Sportswriter as I am always envious of people who get to analyze games, meet the athletes, etc.
Mountains, coast, or desert?
Coast because I love the water
What would your superpower be?
Reading minds so I can achieve a lot knowing what people are thinking
Favorite book?
Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela's Autobiography
What would your walk-up song be?
Lose Yourself by Eminem
Dream vacation?
Australia last year. Growing up I was a huge cricket fan, and the world cup was in Australia. India vs. Pakistan, and the game was attended by over 90,000 fans.