Jackie Kingen

Female person in green shirt wearing glasses on dark background

Jackie Kingen


Lighting Design Associate

Main office location Portland, OR

Year started in industry 2003

Year started at Säzän 2023

Jackie has worked in the design and construction industry for 20 years, beginning as an owner's rep in the facilities department and evolving into a lighting designer and architectural designer. She is most captivated by how we use and experience space and finds lighting an expressive medium to impact the end user.

She is passionate about architecture, ecological design, lighting design, and sociology. She works within the built environment to encourage a sense of community, influence how we experience our surroundings and push to improve our ecological impact. Jackie will use her experience to guide the lighting design components of the project.

Jackie earned a Master of Architecture at the University of Oregon with an emphasis on ecological design and a Bachelors of Science in Architectural Studies at Washington State University. She sits on the local Portland Board of Managers for the Illuminating Engineering Society.

Dream job (if you weren’t working here!)?
I’d love a place where I made up analogies to explain things, or designed immersive art installations.
What would your superpower be?
Drink of choice?
Coffee strong enough you can basically chew it (I know! So Gross!)
Favorite book?
P is for Posie by Kate Patterson
What fictional place would you love to visit?
I’d like to lay on some clouds and jump around up there.
Favorite project. Why?
Our project! My favorite projects are ones where we get to design and dream together about what it’ll be like to experience the space. I also love when project teams hit the sweet spot in collaboration where we’re in the groove designing with good camaraderie.