Allison Lizotte

female person in floral shirt and yellow tie on dark background

Allison Lizotte

Office Manager

Main office location Seattle, WA

Year started in industry 2020

Year started at Säzän 2020

Allison began her career in the AEC industry when she joined Säzän Group in 2020. She fills a senior role by providing administrative oversight as the Office Manager for the largest of Säzän’s offices. She is relied upon to be versatile and responsive, significantly enhancing the company’s culture. She is a regular contributor to organizing and planning company social events, is actively involved in many groups, and assists staff with office and travel needs.

Allison has an Associate of Arts from Seattle Central College. As a lifelong Seattle resident, she has had a varied career in the performing arts, retail, and service industries, providing her with unique skills and special talents she contributes to the firm. Allison is known for her keen sense of humor bringing levity to our monthly All Hands meetings. She thinks outside the box and finds unique solutions for the various tasks she faces each day.

Allison co-produced The Moth, The Art and Craft of Story Telling for the Seattle Chapter. The Moth is a nonprofit organization that celebrates human experiences through the art and craft of storytelling.

Dream job (if you weren’t working here!)?
research and development for a toy company
Mountains, coast, or desert?
coast because I like the water
What would your superpower be?
time travel because I always need more time
Drink of choice?
Favorite book?
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Favorite dad joke?
What’s brown and sticky? A stick!