Client Portal

Making it easy to communicate, collaborate, and share files is important to us.

Ask your SES contact to provide instructions and credentials to access our file sharing solution.

How It Works:

Our solution utilizes secure Dropbox links, however, you do not need a Dropbox account to submit or receive files.

Your SES contact will provide you a link that synchronizes with our internal project folder structure. When submitting files to SES you will only need the link, however, to download files you will need a link and a password to access the project files.


1) Click the link provided by your SES contact and click the blue button that says ‘Choose Files’.

2) Select the file(s) from your computer that you would like to submit and click ‘Open’ or ‘Okay’.

3) Enter your first and last name as well as your email address. The file name will be appended with your name to ensure we know who it came from.

4) Click ‘Submit’ and you are done!


1) Click the link provided by your SES contact and enter the password you were provided:

2) Click the file(s) you want to download, click the download button from the top right corner, and select either ‘Direct download’ or ‘Save to my Dropbox’.

That’s it! You are done!

Should you have any problems submitting or downloading files, please reach out to your contact at SES.