Van Fusi

Female person wearing glasses in a dark shirt on a dark background

Van Fusi

Regional Marketing Manager

Main office location Seattle, WA

Year started in industry 2014

Year started at Säzän 2019

Vannessa Fusi (Van) is the Regional Marketing Manager in Washington and the current Director of SMPS Seattle’s newly founded DEI Committee. She has 14 years of experience as a marketer, with nearly a decade in the AEC industry. Van joined Sazan in 2021 and has actively collaborated with her peers to advance the firm's goals and objectives. In her marketing role, Van has assisted in developing the firm's DEI process with leadership. Her passion for DEI has helped bring awareness and importance while helping grow the firm’s initiative toward a more inclusive environment.

Van has a Master of Fine Arts degree from UC Irvine and a Master of Science in Managerial Leadership from Western Governors University. She is actively involved in SMPS Seattle, where she serves on the board, and in her spare time, is a Scenic Designer for theatre and operas.

With a passion for marketing and a drive to lead in an ever-changing industry, Van is excited to continue learning and building successful partnerships.

Dream job (if you weren’t working here!)?
Theatrical Scenic Artist – I was a scenic artist in my late teens/early twenties, but a large part of me knew I needed something more. I loved architecture and started interning at an architectural firm in SoCal, which became my love affair with AEC industry marketing. Marketing for AEC combines strategy, creativity, and a competitive edge that is highly addictive. However, part of me wishes I would have stayed with scenic artistry because of the experiences I was fortunate to have and the people I met. Not everyone can say they worked on a Broadway show with Nathan Lane; I am grateful for that.
What would your superpower be?
Telepathy – Trying to interpret people’s thinking is a large part of my job. It would be nice to have that capability to read minds so there was zero guessing or no “open to interpretation”. Plus, how cool to know what people are thinking?!
Favorite dad joke?
Where do you keep all your dad jokes? In the dad-a-base.
Title your autobiography.
Freedom of a Rule-Breaker
Best bit of advice you have ever received?
Every action has a reaction. All choices come with a consequence – good or bad.
What would your walk-up song be?
Man! I Feel Like a Woman! – Shania Twain