Deltek Vantage Point Project Manager


This senior role is responsible for the maximization of ROI from our Deltek Vantagepoint ERP.  The Project Manager will understand and help maintain the system, identify and lead opportunities to further develop it, conduct staff training, write procedures, and promote widespread integration of Deltek into operational processes.

General Responsibilities

  • Audit the Company’s Vantagepoint system usage, and identify underutilized capabilities that are currently available, especially relative to operations that are performed outside of Deltek.
  • Develop a strong understanding of engineering project management and administrative requirements to guide future system development.
  • Receive input from management and staff on system challenges and requests.
  • Attend group meetings to obtain better feedback and serve as a business partner.
  • Build and maintain reports as needed.
  • Develop and refine employee dashboards for all system access tiers.
  • For larger initiatives:
    • Submit proposals to management for review and approval.
    • Obtain and coordinate staff resources.
    • Implement the changes within the approved timeframes.
    • Ensure end-user satisfaction.
  • Draft procedures for user activities and for all upgraded system features.
  • Coordinate with supervisors to schedule direct training time; otherwise, create brief training videos.
  • Assist with the full implementation of the Vantagepoint CRM module and the transition of marketing processes to that module.
  • Assist with the migration of all Säzän entities to Vantagepoint.
  • Serve as a customer service-oriented subject-matter expert for the company with punctual and courteous responsiveness.
  • Promote Vantagepoint solutions to the employee population with e-mails, contributions to the newsletter, and group presentations.
  • Serve as a main contact with Deltek and with external consultants to troubleshoot major issues.
  • Attend Deltek product and educational webinars to maintain awareness of developments and opportunities.
  • With spare capacity, support Accounting department operations.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, equivalent technical school training, or equivalent work experience.
  • Relevant professional or technical background with at least 7 years of internal and/or developmental project management, including a high degree of interaction with senior stakeholders.
  • Experience implementing and/or maintaining a Deltek Vantagepoint system, with demonstrated understanding of the system architecture and the interconnections between its components.
  • Familiarity with the architecture and engineering business model.
  • Project accounting experience or at least strong familiarity with its operations.
  • Project management certification is welcome but not required.
  • Proficiency with MS Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Strong verbal and written organizational and communication skills.
  • Comfort presenting and training coworkers.
  • Consistent availability in our Seattle headquarters.

Physical Requirements

The employee will likely be required to sit at a desk and look at computer monitors for much of the day.  Occasional lifting of up to 25 pounds may also be required.

Job duties listed are not intended to encompass full scope of position. The employee will be expected to perform other job-related duties as required. The Company reserves the right to add to or revise an employee’s position scope at any time.